The WordPress migration process

WordPress migration is a crucial process if you want to improve your site’s SEO. It can be defined as migrating from one hosting provider to a new one. As for the CMS migration, it can be done either by changing the domain or by transferring data to a new site. The goal is to take advantage of new features with the redesign of the website. But how to migrate a site to the WordPress CMS? What is the procedure for migrating a site to WordPress?

How does the WordPress site migration process work?

The migration of a WordPress site must follow specific steps that are important to know.

Before any WordPress site migration, first, you need to find a host capable of providing a LAMP architecture. For this, you can use open-source programs like Linux, MySQL, or PHP to produce quality web pages. The goal is to manage the server functionalities directly, or the site’s scripting language. Web hosting is a step not to be neglected for a successful migration. To facilitate this process, you can use Google Cloud, one of the best online hosts.

To carry out the migration itself, you will need to open an account by connecting to specific WordPress plugins. The next step is to verify the connection by being redirected to the CMS2CMS server to carry out the migration. The data transfer also includes metadata, images, and texts. To save time, you can use the RSS imported plugin. If you have HTML pages to migrate, use import html page. Configuring the old URLs also involves redirecting them to avoid 401 type errors. As for creating your WordPress site, you will need to go to the menu and click on the add button.

To control the SEO of your site on WordPress, you can use Google Analytics to see the traffic, your site’s performance on the CMS. Installing certain WordPress plugins will allow you to enjoy functionality after the WordPress site migration. You can have at your disposal paid or free plugins reserved for social networks, or CRM, for example. These are essential advanced functionalities for your website.

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Backup Procedures for Old Data

The migration from HTML to WordPress necessarily involves the step of backing up the old data of your site. To do this, you can use specific plugins, particularly HTTrack Website Copier, a quick way to directly download data from your old HTML site. WordPress has its own plugin, Duplicator, to facilitate both migration and data backup.

Migrating the New Database

The migration of the new database begins with the installation of WordPress. In this case, it is important to record your new password and credentials. The use of extensions such as HTML Import 2 or CMS2CMS will also facilitate the data transfer. To import the pages, simply upload them to the same server as WordPress. If necessary, you can import the data one by one, but this may be time-consuming.

To start importing the HTML site to WordPress, click on the import files button. Then, you have the choice to import all the files or just some of them. Press submit so that the selected files are imported. In this case, all transferred content will be formatted under the new WordPress theme.

Updating the Design of the HTML Site

To change the old look of your site, start by using a free WordPress theme. For example, you can modify the backgrounds or layouts so that there is a resemblance to your old site. If possible, you can choose to use a theme Framework which you can then customize. The use of Twenty Teen will also facilitate the transition from HTML to WordPress.

Finalizing the HTML to WordPress CMS Migration Process

The finalization of the HTML to WordPress CMS migration involves some checks. For example, you should ensure that the URLs of the publications are adapted for search engines like Google. To change the URL, just click on the modify button. Finally, you can use plugins for customized redirections to your site.

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The Process of Migrating a Website from Wix to WordPress

Wix is a platform for creating websites in HTML format. However, to improve your SEO, it’s preferable to transfer your site to a WordPress CMS. Here are the main steps to achieve this.

After renting or choosing a free host, you will need to transfer the content from Wix to the WordPress CMS. Indeed, even though Wix is not open-source software, there is no direct way to transfer CMS content. You must download the RSS file of the Wix site and use the RSS button in the blog menu. Then, you need to proceed to record the source codes. By right-clicking with your mouse, you will get a file in feed.xml format.

The Process of Migrating a Website from WooCommerce to Shopify

WooCommerce is a specialized e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce can be migrated to Magento; the plugin is very useful for setting up e-commerce on the website. Questions also arise on the Internet about how to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify.

Other CMS Migrations

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