Where to find the URLs to be redirected in the Google Search console?

Google Search Console Performances

If you have already set up the Google Search Console it is because you know that it contains valuable information that can save you precious time during a website migration.

The performance screen

The list of pages to be migrated is in 2 places:
First of all, consult the “performance” screen of the Google Search Console. On this screen, you will discover the pages that receive impressions, clicks and allows you to know the average position of your URLs. This screen is a filter that lists the pages that generate traffic. The export proposed by Google is limited to the first 1000 results. If your site is large, it is likely that some URLs do not appear. This is why the Google Search Console cannot be the only tool for identifying URLs to be redirected. Swan has been created to help you in your URL redirection project.

The links screen

You can search for landing pages in the link screen of the Google Search Console. This screen displays the pages that receive backlinks from other website pages. These links are particularly important because they are vectors of notoriety that generate the performance of a site in terms of referencing.