Web redirection: what are the risks for referencing?

seo risks

If the SEO redirection of your website has not been done or has been done badly, you expose yourself to a drop in your internet traffic, a loss of potential commercial contacts and ultimately a drop in your turnover.

Redirection to customers and prospects

Whether you simply don’t migrate or whether you migrate poorly, the consequences are the same. Indeed, you risk losing the many Internet users who know your site. They will continue to type your old domain name in their browser but without any result! This is unfortunate for them as well as for you! The same goes for the many visitors who have registered the name of your old website in the bookmarks bar. If you have a poorly constructed migration, you then miss the opportunity to redirect them to your new website and you destroy the opportunity to benefit from free traffic.

Redirection to other websites

You may also have distributed your content on several other websites? Had your site itself been cited by other enthusiasts (bloggers, brands, partners or suppliers) creating a link to your old site? If these websites provided you with traffic, then you are missing out on a windfall of prospects and potential customers.

Successful SEO redirection with Swan

What is the main purpose of a redirection? Not to lose the number of its visitors, to maintain its level of performance in terms of referencing and to avoid suffering a drop in turnover. We invite you to discover our different tutorials on SEO migration with Swan. These tutorials on site redirection are available here. By using a tool like Swan, you will save time during each of your migrations. Precise tools are at your disposal. A dashboard will allow you not to forget URLs when redesigning your website.