How much does a SEO website migration cost?

cost seo migration

We will try to answer this question in terms of natural referencing. We will present the cases in which the migration implies a change of domain name, tree structure or URL format. The aspects of graphical redesign and data recovery in the context of a framework migration will not be discussed.

Price determination

The cost of a URL migration project, in the SEO sense, is mainly calculated on the time spent by your SEO consultant.

This time is divided by 3 actions:

  • Collection of all the URLs to be redirected;
  • Mapping on the new version of the website;
  • Verification tests.

Realization delay

The time spent to realize a redirection depends mainly on the size of your website; the more the number of pages concerned by a redirection is important, the more the time spent will be long because the consultant has to appropriate all the content to redirect.

Saving time with Swan

It is following this observation that we decided to create Swan.

Swan allows SEO contractors and consultants to save time even for sites with dense content.

Thanks to Swan, you save, on the one hand, precious time by having appropriate URLs, and, on the other hand, money with a rate of one hour of work.