SEO migration: is it necessary to renew the old domain name?


Redirects, during website migrations, have the fabulous advantage of… well, taking advantage of the old website’s traffic. Indeed, users who know your old website will continue to type the domain name directly. Visitors “X” will “click” on the links from other sites, thus increasing the notoriety of your old site and, as a result, the notoriety of your new site as well.

Why should you renew your old domain name?

The link between your old and new domain name will only be valid as long as you remain the owner and you can make the technical link between the two. Not renewing the old domain name is like saying that you are drawing a line under this technical link. You’d then lose all the benefit of the SEO campaigns that you have been able to carry out for your website until then.

Beware of the cuckoo bird strategy

If you identify that your old website has SEO potential and you have not renewed it, malicious SEOs will be free to buy it and use it for a different brand or even for a competitor’s site. For your information, this technique for buying existing domain names is called “buying expired domain names”. Of course, if you are the owner of your domain name and you have registered it as a trademark with the INPI you will be able to enforce this right. However, in order to avoid wasting time and money on expensive legal proceedings, we recommend that you simply maintain the renewal of your various domain names.

Renewal: vital action

As long as your company exists, it is essential to continue renewing the various domain names of your old website. To do this and to save time, cost and peace of mind, we simply invite you to proceed with an automatic renewal.