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  • How Does Semantic SEO Analysis Help in Preparing for Website Migration? Semantic SEO analysis is a crucial tool for successful website migration. This article aims to explain the importance of such analysis prior to the migration of a website and how it can influence long-term results. I. Understanding Semantic SEO Analysis Semantic SEO analysis is the study of expressions used by internet users to understand their […]
  • How to Preserve Internal Linking in SEO During a Website Migration? When a website undergoes migration, there are numerous challenges to consider in order to preserve its natural SEO. Among these, internal linking is one of the most important. Indeed, internal links are essential for ensuring good navigation for your visitors and for guiding Google’s bots in their exploration of your site. In this article, we […]
  • Importance of Backlink Tools for a Successful Website Migration The Importance of a Successful Website Migration Website migration is a crucial step in the life of an online business. It’s a complex process that requires careful planning and precise execution to avoid traffic disruptions and potential loss of visibility in search engines like Google. In this context, the backlink tool plays a key role. […]
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  • Pricing : find what you need for your project Swan works by credits: depending on your needs, the number of projects you have, you can select a number of credits to use and recharge. Depending on your needs, you may ask us for a customised service. From 99.60€ (VAT excluded) for up to 1000 URLs! Track the budget of your redesign with Swan: 3 […]
  • Roadmap Swan Please note that you can suggest improvment by using the support link in your app once logged in. Fix the reception of the password email recovery. BUG Add api scrapping to get content for 404 pages. EVOLUTION Add semrush api scrapping to enrich source data for your website. EVOLUTION
  • SEO migration tool SWAN is the SEO tool that will accompany you in each of your migrations. Minimizing the risks of forgetting, saving time, easier migrations: don’t wait any longer. Don’t miss any more URLs Thanks to Swan’s features, be sure not to forget any more URLs to redirect. Don’t miss any more URLs Swan scrapes the original […]
  • Swan App : your seo migration tool !   Swan Your new SEO migration tool Never miss any url to redirect Save time on each migration No source code to write     Making a SEO migration last less than 10 minutes! Discover Swan, your new easy and fast migration tool : Website Analyse Crawl your website’s old version Scrap urls from external […]
  • Swan features To ensure the success of your SEO migrations, Swan has several steps to facilitate and organize your redirections. Data acquisition: scrap and import of URLs When creating a new project, Swan scrapes the base domain you entered in order to retrieve as many URLs as possible. In order to ensure that none are missing, you […]
  • Terms and conditions of use The use of SWAN.TOOLS implies the acceptance of the general conditions of use hereafter described. All information provided by the SWAN.TOOLS site is given as an indication and is likely to be modified. Article 1: Presentation The present General Conditions of Use legally frame the use of the services of the SWAN.TOOLS site, hereafter called […]
  • The Link Between PageRank and Website Migration In the field of natural search engine optimization, PageRank is a key element that influences a page’s visibility in Google’s search results. In this regard, website migrations can have significant consequences on PageRank if not managed correctly. Indeed, many factors such as URL changes, content reorganization, or alteration of internal linking can affect PageRank. Understanding […]
  • The WordPress migration process WordPress migration is a crucial process if you want to improve your site’s SEO. It can be defined as migrating from one hosting provider to a new one. As for the CMS migration, it can be done either by changing the domain or by transferring data to a new site. The goal is to take advantage […]
  • URL redirection, a crucial step: Why? Changing the address and the domain name of a website is often an opportunity to change the tree structure and the format of URLs. Not taking time for this work of redirection, it went to the forefront of disasters in terms of natural referencing. To avoid all types of problems, the implementation of several elements […]
  • .htaccess or vhost: where to place your website redirection plan? Once the migration plan is completed, the question of where to place it comes up. Several studies have been carried out to find the ideal location to place your SEO redirection plan. But where to place it ? Should it be placed in the .htaccess of the Apache file or in a PHP redirection module? […]
  • SEO migration plan: when to achieve it? The SEO migration plan is built on the basis of the full content; content of the new and old version. Whether it is for the redesign of a domain name or the change of a website URL, the realisation of a migration plan is fundamental. Obviously, this plan must be completed before the website goes […]
  • How much does a SEO website migration cost? We will try to answer this question in terms of natural referencing. We will present the cases in which the migration implies a change of domain name, tree structure or URL format. The aspects of graphical redesign and data recovery in the context of a framework migration will not be discussed. Price determination The cost […]
  • Web redirection: what are the risks for referencing? If the SEO redirection of your website has not been done or has been done badly, you expose yourself to a drop in your internet traffic, a loss of potential commercial contacts and ultimately a drop in your turnover. Redirection to customers and prospects Whether you simply don’t migrate or whether you migrate poorly, the […]
  • SEO migration: is it necessary to renew the old domain name? Redirects, during website migrations, have the fabulous advantage of… well, taking advantage of the old website’s traffic. Indeed, users who know your old website will continue to type the domain name directly. Visitors “X” will “click” on the links from other sites, thus increasing the notoriety of your old site and, as a result, the […]
  • Website migration: why are all backlinks redirected? More than half of the SEO effectiveness of a SEO service comes from the power of the links you receive from other websites. If, at the time of a site migration, with or without domain name change, you do not pay attention to the redirection of these links, you expose yourself to a dramatic loss […]
  • Where to find the URLs to be redirected in the Google Search console? If you have already set up the Google Search Console it is because you know that it contains valuable information that can save you precious time during a website migration. The performance screen The list of pages to be migrated is in 2 places:First of all, consult the “performance” screen of the Google Search Console. […]
  • Website Migration from Shopify to WooCommerce If you’ve decided to move your online store from Shopify to WooCommerce, you’ve made the right decision. With the number of tools, flexibility, economy, and scalability of WordPress for websites, it becomes the best choice. No matter how your online store is built, whether it’s in Shopify, developed in Prestashop or Magento, migrating to WooCommerce […]

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