SEO migration tool

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SWAN is the SEO tool that will accompany you in each of your migrations. Minimizing the risks of forgetting, saving time, easier migrations: don’t wait any longer.

Don’t miss any more URLs

Thanks to Swan’s features, be sure not to forget any more URLs to redirect.

Don’t miss any more URLs

Swan scrapes the original domain in order to recover as many base URLs as possible.


After Swan’s scrap, you have the possibility to import URLs from different resources you use on a daily basis, or to add them manually.


Swan, it’s a huge time saver. Don’t spend so much time on your migrations: let Swan do the work, check it, and that’s it.

Easier migrations

A single tool that brings together everything you need for your migrations, and a logical sequence of actions that allows you to make no more mistakes.

A tool open to everyone

SEO, developer, webmarketing manager: whether you are in the middle of an overhaul, changing CMS… Swan is there to accompany you throughout your projects. A unique space, which centralizes all your actions and allows you to ensure a functional and successful migration, but also to supervise several projects in a few glances.

Ensure the success of your migration

Swan has a testing stage that will allow you to ensure the success of your SEO migration before you start. All your projects are sure to be successful!