Pricing : find what you need for your project

Swan works by credits: depending on your needs, the number of projects you have, you can select a number of credits to use and recharge. Depending on your needs, you may ask us for a customised service.

From 99.60€ (VAT excluded) for up to 1000 URLs!

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Track the budget of your redesign with Swan:

1000 Urls

3 support formulas:

Simple project in autonomy

If you are experienced in website migration and redesign, you can manage your project without our intervention.

High volume website

You are autonomous but your site has more than 10.000 URLs? Contact us for a customised quote.

Personnalized support

You need to migrate but you want to call on our experience for your migration?

A cost effective credit system:

Each project costs a minimum of 4 credits, but the more credits you buy, the lower the unit price:

  • From 1 to 11 credits: 24.90€ VAT not included per unit
  • From 12 to 19 credits: 22.90€ VAT not included per unit (-8%)
  • From 20 credits and onwards: 19.90€ VAT not included per unit (-20%)

Some examples of costs (VAT not included):

  • 500 URLs : 99.60€ (4 credits)
  • 1000 URLs : 99.60€ HT (4 credits)
  • 2500 URLs : 249.00€ HT (12 credits)
  • 5000 URLs : 398.00€ HT (20 credits)
  • From 10.000 URLs: contact us for a personnalised support.

Need to be accompanied for your SEO migration?

You have understood the importance of a successful migration but you are not technically autonomous? Create your account and contact us directly to be accompanied by one of Swan's experts.

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