Pricing : find what you need for your project

Swan works by credits: depending on your needs, the number of projects you have, you will be able to select a number of credits to use and reload.

Project creation

  • Auto scrap websites
  • Unlimited source domains
  • Manual URL import
  • URL source tag
  • Auto import from Google Search Console
  • Auto import from Google Analytics
  • Auto URL matching
  • Closest semantic URL auto detect
  • Auto generate Redirection
  • Specify URL in 410
  • Test your migration before live
  • Generate dedicated report with Dataviz for your project

4 credits for the first 1000 Urls
then 1 credit per each package of 250 Urls

Domain edition

  • Change one domain of the project

1 credit / edition

SEMrush API call

  • SEMrush backlink: grab information from SEMrush API

(available soon)

1 credit / call

0 to 11 credits

24.90€ / credit
Vat not included

12 to 19 credits

22.90€ / credit
Vat not included

20 and more

19.90€ / credit
Vat not included